Human hair wigs or synthetic wigs

Gone are the days when synthetic wigs could be spotted instantly. Come in for a consultation and feel the hair - it's soft and luxurious - not wiry at all! Look at the part lines - these wigs are so well made noone can tell it's not your real hair.

Human hair wigs can be styled!

One of the advantages of human hair wigs is that you can treat it like real hair - it can be permed, coloured, highlighted, flat ironed or blown dry. You can't do this with synthetic hair wigs.

Synthetic wigs are self styling

An advantage of synthetic hair is that they're self styling - which means that you don't have to "do" your wig - just pop it on and go. Your "hair" looks fabulous and you didn't spend a minute styling it!

When you come in for your consultation you're welcome to bring family or a trusted friend so that you can hear their opinions. Just remember - to paraphrase Donald Trump - "I listen carefully to my advisors but in the end I make the final decision". You look in the mirror every day and you want to be able to smile at your reflection.